Gelish Nail Polish Vs Normal Polish

By Megan Van Rooyen

Having Gel nails are not for everyone as they can be perceived to “damage” nails, but if you are able to look after the quality of your nails while the gel is on,  and after it is removed, then you will notice a huge difference in the health of your nail beds.  


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Why would you choose Gelish over a Normal Paint?

  • You need your Polish to last longer than the normal 4-5 days
  • Special events – Weddings, Birthdays or Anniversaries
  • You are going on a 2 week holiday and want your nails to look good (not longer then a 2 week holiday though..)
  • You have a busy lifestyle and simply do not have the time for a weekly Manicure
  • You have healthy nail beds that can withstand Gelish
  • You tend to pick chipping nail polish off
  • Instantly DRY. No more smudging


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Tips to keeping your nails healthy while you have Gelish on.

  • Always use a Cuticle oil – Almond Oil, Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.
  • Avoid doing dishes – Yes Ladies get your Husbands and Boyfriends to take over this duty for now!
  • NEVER EVER peel or pick your Gelish off – You actually remove up to 6/9 layers of your nail bed when you do this. This can then take up to 6 months to recover.
  • Take regular breaks from Gelish and invest in a nail treatment for the time you are not wearing Gelish. Something that will nourish and hydrate the nail bed- Household goodies like Coconut oil or Olive oil works too.
  • Never soak off Gelish with Acetone 100%, always use the Gelish soak off as it MUCH gentler on the nailbed.
  • Drink lots of water and take OMEGA 3 supplements.


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